Double Speed at the same Price!



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Good for 5 devices. NO LANDLINE

For New PLDT Subscriber. Get ₱100 OFF for 1 year! 

Switch now and get Double Speed 400Mbps for 1 yr! ₱1799

PLDT Home Wifi Unli Fibr Plans Application Accepted Here!

Fast internet connection PLDT Fibr Plan that can handle any online activity for your home. 

UNLI FIBR 2099 400 Mbps

Best for HD streaming, big file transfer and gaming online on more than 3 devices.​

UNLI FIBR 1699 200 Mbps

Great for heavy surfing, video calls, and SD streaming on up to 3 devices.

FIBR PLUS 2399 200 Mbps

Good for big homes with more than 3 devices to enjoy seamless HD streaming, gaming and large file transfer​

FIBR PLUS 2999 400 Mbps

Suitable for larger households to stream ultra HD, share large files, and play online gaming on multiple devices.​